Stereoscopic Phone Screen Magnifier (12 Inch)

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Today’s modernization brought us mobile phones and we use them so often to do just about anything including watching movies. With the mobile phone’s minimal screen size, it could get uncomfortable in the long run and would often cause us eye fatigue. With the help of the 12 Inch Stereoscopic Phone Screen Enlarger, you can instantly revolutionize your viewing experience!

Why you should get it?

  • You will never have to look for an iPad or TAB for bigger screen experience
  • You will be able to enjoy You-tube videos & Movies on a bigger screen
  • The quality of the experience won't dip as it doesn't compromise the screen resolution
  • You will be-be able to take it anywhere because of it's compact size.

Stereoscopic Phone Screen Magnifier (12 Inch)


This magnifying glass with phone holder enables you to watch films, videos or read with your mobile phone hands-free with a 3D high definition vision feeling. It can magnify the mobile phone's screen 4-6 times which helps prevent any discomfort and visual fatigue. The simple and stylish design makes this product your best choice of holiday gifts for your friends or loved ones. 

Stereoscopic Phone Screen Magnifier (12 Inch)


  • With high-definition optical technology
  • With no resolution drop
  • Perfect for watching movies, dramas, and reading
  • Anti UV, radiation protection 
  • Reduces the strain on your eyes 
  • Lightweight folding design
  • Easy to use, portable, and stylish
  • No need for power supply, energy saving
  • Also ideal for all outdoor activities
  • Compatible with all mobile phones

Get your own 12 Inch Stereoscopic Phone Screen Enlarger now and enjoy watching your fave movies in a bigger screen without causing strain to your eyes.

Material: Environmentally Friendly TPU + Wood
Screen size: 12 inches
Approximate Size: 26cm(Length) x 19cm(Width)

Package Content:
1 Piece x 12 Inch Stereoscopic Phone Screen Enlarger