Anti Police Car Radar Detector

  • $ 59.99 USD
  • Save $ 90.00 USD

Excelvan Radar is a smart radar detector that lets you forget about speeding tickets once and for all!

This advanced detecting device alerts you of police radar guns before they track your speed. 


Newest EWD System

Unlike cheaper alternatives, Excelvan Radar showcases the Early Warning Discriminator feature that’s designed to prevent it being alerted by signals from devices other than radar guns.

Foolproof OLED Screen

Excelvan Radar seeks to safeguard drivers when on the road. With its advanced display, you no longer have to squint or take your eyes off the road.

Multidirectional Detection

Unlike out-of-date radar detectors, Excelvan Radar offers a full 360 degrees of high-sensitivity coverage across a 0.5-mile radius.

Track All Frequencies & Bands

Given that the police make use of multiple frequencies and bands (including super-wide), Excelvan Radar has been tailored to track all of them.

Snapshot Scanning

Excelvan Radar scans 2 to 4 times faster than any other modern detecting device and ensures a 100% probability of spotting a speed-detecting gun, giving you plenty of time to reduce your speed and avoid a speeding ticket.

Avoid speed traps while driving!