Beard Bib

  • $ 9.99 USD
  • Save $ 10.00 USD

This Beard bib is amazing! 

No more stray hairs down the sink, on the soap, or in your toothbrush!

A comfy bib to catch all of your fallen facial hair clippings
Attaches to the mirror to create a large safety net
Comes in White – contrast it with your beard


Do you dread the task of cleaning up after grooming your facial hair?  The fact is grooming facial hair can be a very messy and time consuming task.  Fear no more, Beard Bib™ by BEARD KING is the only men's grooming tool that reduces manual cleanup and allows for an easy disposal. 


  • Catches Facial Hair Clippings
  • Beard Trimmings Catcher
  • Easy Flap Shoot Disposal
  • Loop Holders for pausing session
  • One size fits ALL
  • Self Packing Pouch
  • Hand Made. Designed in U.S.A