Personal Alarm Siren

Personal Alarm Siren

  • $ 24.95 USD
  • Save $ 30.00 USD

The owners of this device no longer have to worry about their security. Whenever feeling endangered, all they need to do is simply pull out the alarm pin and the whole neighborhood will hear those 120 DB for over half an hour. 

We believe this tiny thing is a must have for any kid, woman or elderly person. Just attach your keys to it and you will always know where you left it and have it at hand.

They say “better safe than sorry”, well this tiny fella saved hundreds of lives already. Multiple countries with frequent natural disasters, bad neighborhood threats or simply as a precaution, equip every school kid with those.
Get one for yourself and for your family today!

Product Highlights:
 Easy Use - Just pull the metal pin for up to one half hour of loudest siren alarm, which can be hear up to 300"away continuously.

✓ Versatility  - Its sleek modern and smart design make it the most user friendly one for women, kids, elderly, night workers, joggers, etc.

✓ Durability - High quality alarm body with scientific design ensures its practicality and your safety when in your most emergency conditions.

✓ Power for Use Replaceable - 2*CR2032 button batteries are all it needs to keep it going with easy steps for emergency use.

✓ Ideal Gift - This cute portable personal alarm is an ideal choice to give as a gift. Practicaly designed alarm could be hardly noticed by attackers.