Recharge Lighter

  • $ 39.99 USD
  • Save $ 72.99 USD


The world's coolest lighter.

The recharge lighter is like no lighter you have seen before. No need to spend another dollar on disposable lighters or fluid again, this lighter is 100% electric and can spark over 100 lights on one charge. Yes, this lighter is rechargeable! Not only does this lighter look sleek, it creates a plasma flame that heats up to 800°F that can ignite almost anything.



Disposable lighters cause harm to the environment and put a dent in your pocket overtime. Recharge Lighters are eco-friendly and do not require any fuel.



The Recharge Lighter uses dual electric beams which are windproof and do not go out even in the toughest conditions.



Never spend another dollar on fluid or lighters again. Just plug in for 30 minutes to receive a full charge and get over 100 lights!